Desert Museum Gardens

Photos of various desert plants

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum was recognized as's 2013 Top Ten U.S. Public Gardens (#5). The museum showcases the Sonoran Desert region, home to over 2,000 species of plants and known as the lushest desert on earth. One reason is its bi-seasonal rainfall:

Pacific Northwest winter storms = gentle winter rains

Gulf of California summer 'monsoons' = seasonal wind pattern shift along with wet, tropical air with violent thunderstorms

Two particular plant forms visually dominate the landscape: legume trees and columnar cacti. Palo Verde trees and Saguaro cacti are prime examples.

The Desert Museum's gardens showcase this vibrant ecosystem and represent a variety of biotic communities found within the Sonoran Desert region. You will see 1,200 different types of plants with 56,000 individual specimens planted on the grounds.

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